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The Influence (La influencia) Movie Review

We are long overdue for a good Witch story ?, and this Spanish made film delivers The Influence (La Influencia) Movie Review. The Influence (La influencia) is new to Netflix with it’s October 11, 2019 release date; this tale of horror made its way into your home just in time for Halloween.

The Influence (La Influencia) Movie Review

Netflix Horror Movie: The Influence (La influencia)

Yes, the film was initially released in Spanish. However, Netflix (or whomever) did such a fantastic job overdubbing that you may not have noticed for a while if I hadn’t told you.

The movie may be a hair longer than necessary, and the first thirty-minutes is a slow go, but not painful. This story of a woman (Alicia) who returns home to care for her comatose mother. The film gains momentum as she battles an evil force that is now threatening to take hold of her daughter. The gore factor is relatively high. The scare factor is excellent. This one takes off into one pretty bad-ass horror flick.

If you have watched Spanish Anything on Netflix, you will know this cast

Manuela Vellés (Spanish Netflix series High Seas org. title Alta Mar) & Maggie Civantos (Spanish Netflix series Las chicas del cable) bring it, but the scene-stealer in this one is Claudia Placer who you may remember as Irene in 2017’s Netflix Horror Movie Veronica.

Like I said above, expect a slooowwwww start, but don’t bail on this one. It picks up its pace and is pretty good on the Scare Factor. This is not your typical out of the gate terror tale. It does take time to set up a feel for the family dynamic. Thus the snails pace out the gate. But, when it gets to the point that it evolves into a horror film, the first third of the film serves as a tremendous benefit. I always find movies to leave more of a lasting impact when you feel as though you know the characters, and that is where La influencia delivers. The Influence (La Influencia) Movie Review

The Influence (La Influencia) Movie Review

Here’s the gist of it

In order to care for her dying mother, Alicia (Manuela Vellés) returns with her husband (Alain Hernández) and daughter (Claudia Placer) to her childhood home. The family is struggling financially and her husband winds up underemployed. Eventually, Alicia finds work as a Nurse and the normal kid in a new town, Nora needs to adjust to a new school. All this and there seems to be some underlying animosity between Alicia and her sister Sara (Maggie Civantos).

The mother is bedridden by the time the family arrives and you get the impression that Alicia would have not come at all if not for her families financial hardship. To say Alicia doesn’t like her mother is an understatement. Hate is a strong word, but it definitely seems to apply.

Like a good Haunting The Amityville Murders

As more of the back story unfolds, we see a tale of two sisters who suffered unspeakable events from an abusive and delusional parent. Simultaneously, Nora becomes more and more drawn to her comatose grandmother. At about this same time, Nora develops a friendship with a girl of near the same age that continually loiters about, but does not attend, her school. This is where Sh*t starts to get real. The Influence (La Influencia) Movie Review

I would put this in the top of my Netflix must-see Horror list ?

What’s next for Claudia? While speaking with her earlier today Claudia had told me that she had just finished shooting a drama series and is currently “in a new course”. I know that we can’t wait to see what this talented young lady does next

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