The Scariest Horror Movie of 2019 ?

You Decide!

From a Horror standpoint, the teens were definitely no slouch when it came to putting scary ? on both the big and small screen. 2019 was definitely no exception. Heading into the Roaring ’20s, we managed to finish off the decade with a Scream. Still, with the forty-some odd films that haunted theaters, Netflix, Amazon, & Redbox, it leaves one wondering which was the Scariest Horror Movie of 2019?

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2 Replies to “The Scariest Horror Movie of 2019 ?”

  1. Cool. Wonderful. Great. Bonus points for the film it s essentially a throwback cast for anyone who relishes the late and early 20. Adam Brody and Andie MacDowell round out the top-billed cast for the screwed up thriller. Does it sound bananas? Sure. But critics love it, and with the growing economic divide in America, this is the new American Dream. Sorry, we don t make the rules. Run.

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