The Rudari are Dracula Gypsies and the Gypsy clan from Draculesti family. We were travelers who forged gold and metals and many were fortune-tellers. We originated from Stanislav Romania in Targoviste.

We do thoroughly enjoy a good scare and it does take a lot to frighten us. But as we journey through haunted tale to psychological, slasher, paranormal, and footage found, we ask you to join us. We have traveled through the gates of hell and have barely broken a sweat. We will watch and criticize and award Scare Score.

Rudari Stankovich are Draculesti Gypsy

Our Story

Our family was freed from slavery back in 1820. Fleeing from Polesti Transylvania, to Serbia, than Hungary. Others had fled to France and then to South America.

In Rio De Janiero Brazil they had started the Rudari Stankovich Romanian Circus.

We are an Afro-romani clan and possess the Stankovich Rudari Gypsy blood and of Pitesti from Pitesti Romania and direct descendants of Vlad Dracula and the Witch Mother

Meet the Team

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