The Scariest Horror Movie of 2019 ?

You Decide!

From a Horror standpoint, the teens were definitely no slouch when it came to putting scary ? on both the big and small screen. 2019 was definitely no exception. Heading into the Roaring ’20s, we managed to finish off the decade with a Scream. Still, with the forty-some odd films that haunted theaters, Netflix, Amazon, & Redbox, it leaves one wondering which was the Scariest Horror Movie of 2019?

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8 Tales of Thanksgiving Night Horror ?

Long after Saint Nick has made he was through the turmoil of 32nd street and the Lions have fought for yards and gained or lost. When the aftermath of extreme gluttony has taken a toll upon your guests. Beyond the day and into Thanksgiving Night Horror. Bless their little hearts as they have either scurried home or find sanctuary in some armed cathedra as the food coma employs its wrath. ??

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